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editorial dec 2010

Through the modern world of media, we are able to acknowledge the plight and extreme situation of animals and the environment.

Over time I have noted my reactions to this. A slightly disturbed interest with emotional stirrings that reached as far as my purse pocket, eventually cooling off with a half intention to pursue it more in some vague future. I know I am not unique in my reaction. It seemed that although the suffering was available for me to see, I had not been touched enough to really change my attitude to make a difference, it had not really affected me despite wonderful humans laying this bare for me to see.

Fighters and Revealers of this demise must now exercise extreme passion. It is required to counteract the opposite force of the culprit – consumerism and economic growth. However, what underpins this economic growth and consumerism is where I have been interested in going, giving rise to questions to ask my Spiritual Master. Knowing it had something to do with the root cause behind my own inert attitude. What He revealed in me was not pleasant, as it meant facing the uninspected attitude of the individual survival mechanism, the mechanism that keeps these consumerist and economic forces alive, the mechanism that is to blame for all that is going on.

Sri Guruji has explained that for anything to be overwhelmed or dissolved, an opposite force of the same strength is needed. The force with which we are consuming the world is massive and insurmountable. There is only one force that will truly counteract this and that is the force of Love, because Love is the basis and motivation of Life. But we must live this, realize this, and pass this on, like breath into a dying man.

For now we will not accept that the state of crisis in world affairs is really so dramatic because it does not affect us directly. As long as it doesn’t directly affect us, it can be put off for another day. We are affluent and protected, we are not damaged by the

ravages of war, or militia or revolutions. Our clean green still stands out for our eyes to see, our noses are not yet tainted with the stench of the underlying rot that is taking hold through the various veins of economics, and our ears only want to hear what is emotionally satisfying to us, pretty words, pretty pictures, pretty smells. We have managed to keep our senses – of sight, smell, taste and touch – padded from the Reality of what is going on. Which clearly does not make good sense. We have managed to keep our intuitive capacity stifled. Our affluence and dedication to consumerism is too self-satisfying, too seductive for our genuine sense of Intuitive Intelligence to have its effect. So, it has become ridiculous to ask me to feel or be heartfully affected to the guts with what is going on, so that it literally changes my thinking and life to help restore balance not just for myself but for All. Ridiculous to ask what to do. Ridiculous to stop treating myself and others like spoilt children.

I have asked these questions of Master Sri Guruji, and have been given the honest reply that I must be Heartfully sick and tired of my tendency to want to fulfill myself just for the sake of my false presumption of unhappiness or a problem. Heartfully tired of blaming others for my own created suffering.

I have heard Guruji speak of our tendency to hear and listen from the point of view of the seeker. The seeker, I have come to understand, is someone who is looking for happiness or peace not realizing that these feelings are already the natural state of the body/ mind and are just hidden beneath our constructed desires.

Individual independence is the rule that governs the attitude of the day. Hence we will only be moved to a point that does not affect our bodily life, we will only give as long as it does not mean that it directly affects us. We have habituated ourselves into thinking we need all manner of things to help us live comfortable and full lives. The result is a world full of mutants and inexcusable death. The

demise and creation of unspeakable suffering. The same suffering that sits just underneath our skin. It is suffering created as a result of having deeply lost touch with who we are and our unwillingness to admit it.

It would be reasonably safe to now say that the tipping point has been reached. It is not a band- aid affair we must have with the world but, as Master Sri Guruji says, a conversion of the Heart, a Crisis of Understanding that helps us see that it is our Intuitive connection through Love we must be overwhelmed by, and nothing other than that. As impractical as it sounds, Love must be the first priority on our agenda. What we will understand if this is truly Genuine of us, (and it is), is that Love is a profoundly practical and sattvic (balanced/harmonious) affair. It creates balance in the mind and enables a human to have Great strength, Insight and Heart. And it re-establishes our non-separate feeling connection with the world. On this basis, it would be impossible to destroy what is fundamentally my own. Would we not want these heart qualities to be passed on and given to our children for the sake of our sentient brothers and sisters? For Life’s sake?

It can be done, but it must be a genuine and passionate want. As Guruji says, it must be pursued with the intensity of a drowning man needing air. These articles are a reminder of what we are doing in our inert disability. What we are doing to the environment, to other creatures, what we are doing to ourselves and ultimately what we are doing to Life.