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Master Translation

Without Great Help interrupting our reaction to vital shock, or the shock of embodiment during our early human development years (I, also, was not born into a Wisdom home or culture) we tend to “make life” out of fear and the need for safety. We cling tenaciously to and frightfully defend the personal‐self we have narcissistically constructed. We spend the rest of our bodily existence in a constant state (to one degree or another) of self‐defence. In every moment the sensation of our strategically constructed separate self is felt in the form of self‐concern, self‐defence and self‐survival. The Potential of our Real or Original State of Consciousness is not ever considered again, it is forgotten and therefore not known to us. We simply respond to the perception and experience of existence from the point of view of our own body/mind separate‐self reaction.

From this point of view we are constantly suffering the cramp sensation of self‐confinement, and our life practice or way of life becomes chronically tied to the search for release from our own confinement, our own unhappiness and all our moments of loveless‐ness. The “outer” personal‐self begins the search to acquire the goals set by conventional social/cultural/religious propaganda in the endeavour to experience approval, happiness, freedom and love. Left in our ignorance of the Real Potential of our Spiritual State, we endeavour, by all means known to the personal‐self, to acquire from the world (from outside of ourselves) the social/cultural/spiritual ornaments that will dress us up as successful individuals. Without giving our reactionary lives over to the Wise, we live in total ignorance of our Real State that must be Grown and Evolved if we are to Be Truly Human. Instead, we concentrate our bodily energy and attention on the personal construct that we have superimposed on the Spiritual‐Self, the Conscious‐State.

But, you see, it is the Conscious State of every birthed human that must Grow, Evolve, or be Transformed. However, outside of Great Help, we interpret life, our existence, from the point of view of our own peculiar reaction to everything that seems (on a physical basis) to be “not me”. Thus, left in our shock and reaction to physical existence, we tend to become chronically tied to the conventional or popular method of only developing the personal body/mind self, the socially recognised self, the one that always seeks satisfaction, seeks to be loved, and on and on.

We take on the behaviour (to one degree or another) that is socially considered to be mature, right, proper, spiritual, love and so forth, yet our Actual Life‐Force Condition is still confined to the motives of fear, doubt, reaction, defence and altogether self (body/mind) confinement.

We practise a way of life stressfully trying to improve ourselves, our personal self, by way of mimicking or learning. This method of life‐practice can be added or imposed on whatever Condition I am in. I can mimic or learn behaviours (right or wrong), I can learn music and so on. Learning does not address my Condition. People try to “learn” around me. And when they think they have learned something, they think they have “got it” and they feel pleased, they feel better.

Learning is fine (I do it myself), however, it is used by the seeker as another device to satisfy the personal‐self construction, the one that requires worldly satisfaction to be Happy. However, without Real Self Understanding, learning becomes a substitute for Realisation. The personal‐self is always in the mood of self‐defence, and merely learning becomes a surrogate for Realisation and Its Tacit Self‐Enjoyment that is always denied by the seeker.

People come to me in chronic self‐defence and so they want to “learn” not Realise. However, the degree to which one Realises one’s True Condition is in direct proportion to the degree self‐defence falls away. I do not take your Love of Me, or for Me, personally. Your Love of Me is only Real when it is your Love ‐ Attraction to Life‐Itself, prior to your personal‐self, prior to your search. The Sign of Your Love of the Guru in God is in your whole bodily Attraction to the Spiritual Life of manifest existence, rather than the gratitude and love that comes from having your conditional‐self, your seeking‐self, assisted or satisfied.

Just because some aspect of your conventional life has improved since coming into the physical company of the Guru in God does not mean you are involved in the Sadhana of the Spiritual Truth, the Sadhana of Realisation. It is the Love ‐ Attraction towards the Spiritual Condition prior to your personally constructed condition that activates the breaking down of the seeking‐ self, the defensive‐self, the personal‐self.

The Sign of your Love of Me is Your Surrender by Attraction into the Practice of your Inherent State rather than your worldly status state, your socially derived state, your personal‐self state. This being so, all of us physically birthed or, in other words, suffering the shock of embodiment, must pass through the crisis of personal‐ self into Spiritual Life if we are to Truly Enjoy Life. We must pass through the self‐constructed knot of me, the “me” that has become the centre of the seeking, the self‐enclosed construction that we begin chronically to live as if it were the Source and Centre of Life.

And so, in My Very Company I say to you, do not be concerned about where others think they are “at”. Do not be concerned that others “seem” to be “getting it”. All conditions will change over time and all will be tested in this existence.
I do not judge You. I Love You.
After all, You are as I.

Sri YanchijGuruji