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Editorial article, September 2010

My dualistic thinking, or the ‘me and you’ concept, was taught to me from the day of my birth. It pervaded my body and I accepted it as a normal phenomenon of human evolution. It gave rise to feelings of individuality and independence, and therefore my presumed freedom to do as i pleased in the world and with the world. Instead of intuiting my One Inherent feeling with Life, i went out to get what i needed to satisfy this feeling of a separate bodily self. It is a blessing that after some years i found this repetitively dull, extra ordinary, shocking and odd, muddled with temporary moments of relief.
The Life Master MahaGuruji helped me reinterpret my Life. He laid it down before me so i could see clearly how i had used it to manipulate myself out of Love. He helped me lay myself out too, so Life could reabsorb me back into itself again, creating an ordinarily Life lnspiring Relationship. There is never a dull moment, and i still find the extra ordinary efforts of individual Humans dull and shocking.

We have learned to interpret Words of Wisdom from ages past through our extra ordinary dualistic thinking habits, which means that what was given from the revelation of non dualism or The One Divine Source, or No Separation Realisation, is now re-interpreted to fit our dualistic understanding. Any person stuck in the mood of individual dualistic thought cannot feel the tacit Heart of Divine Intuition. Their judgments of right and wrong created from habitual mental analysing are a block to this once natural, ordinary, higher human ability.Individual, self saving accumulation, and judgment bring about the greatest demise we face as Humans today. In the West consumerism is a gross activity, at a practical level, that expresses this demise. We have become consumers. The signs are there and accepted as part and parcel of how we live.

Parasites are consumers as well and after a while tend to take over, infect and disease the host they have birthed on. Not a pleasant analogy but perhaps sobering and thought provoking, in the midst of current human world affairs, and environmental and ecological disasters. But even parasites don’t deny their relationship with life, they do what is naturally for them to do and leave, having fulfilled their inherent duty.

There is no easy way to look at where we are going and why. Yet, the result of our dualistic thinking has become a Reality. Our Individualistic seeking behaviour and current morality and ethical stance in the world are not helping anything GROW except more individualistic seeking and consumerism. That is great if you are a parasite but disastrous if you are human.

Our articles show generally how this is happening, one through consumerism and advertising, another through the misuse of anti-depressants and another view through the current BP oil crisis. Their overall message is that we need a change of heart, not another quick fix to make ourselves feel better. Hence, We also have Privileged access to the interpretation of the Heart Master Jesus Christ through the revelation of the LIVING Master MahaGuruji. He has taken two well used parables of Jesus Christ and reinstated them in the Non Dualistic Revelation that Jesus spoke from. Over the years, from the mouths of dualistic individuals, this has been discussed and used to help enhance morals and ethics that have been established through our individual theoretical/philosophical interpretations – “we are only men separate from Divine”. All Heart Masters Interpret as The Divine, provoking us back into that Relationship with Our Great Self again, encouraging Great Self Responsibility.

On the Basis of this Great Self Responsibility, individual self fulfillment is muted and dissolved, consumerism has no home where it can roost, and balance and harmony are naturally restored. Sounds simple, and it is – it is only repetitive habit that stops it from being so. To teach is easy, perhaps too easy. Individual self gratification has been taught thoroughly, consistently and well, and we have been brilliant students. However, we can use our own practical beginnings as a teaching example for the Real way of Life. That is, we do not create ourselves individually of our own doing, we do not individually choose what we come here as, and we do not decide as individuals when we are going to come into form, for the privilege of that process, movement and rhythm belongs to the force of Life. That principle NEVER changes, despite our bodily appearance and the changes we see. We would all do well to remind our children of this at the beginning of their days here on earth. And this, like anything Great and Enduring takes discipline, time, and Human Conduits who hold an Exceptionally Ordinary Understanding of what to do and what not to do to maintain a balance in the order of things.

It is good to know that we have easy access to this Understanding, it is right under our nose and behind our eyes, it is our unfulfilled Genius and it is our Divine Right. And there are those who are here to re-establish this.

Welcome to the next edition of the Vessel.

Arohananda Ma