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Welcome to the Vessel Magazine blog site. I am not sure that this will be used in the same way that most blog sites are used as it is more of an archive system for us than a fresh update of material. However people are welcome to comment.
As the editor i decided to use this as a way of getting past articles from the Vessel out to the public for free.
We are practitioners and students of the Living Master Sri YanchiGuruji and have been inspired to start a political magazine that founds itself on the practice of Self Responsibility through Inherent Self Understanding of Non Dualism.
The Vessel magazine continues to be published quarterly and there is a subscription to pay for this. We invite you to subscribe if you feel inspired by what we write about and the angle with which it comes from.
I will also be leaving the philosophy of the Vessel and the requirements for writers.
We are also extend an invitation to free lance writers who have a sympathy for what the Vessel is trying to promote.
These articles are rich with information and i hope you enjoy to read them as much as we have enjoyed to get them out to you.
Arohananda Ma

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