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The Hypocrisy of Community Sri Baghavan YanchiGuruji

The real and necessary purpose of human community is to serve every individual’s conscious awakening to the higher possibilities of human existence. In this way, the true Human Community functions as a Guardian for the Spirit of Humanity and Nature alike, and is, therefore, a servant of higher conscious adaptation for all its members.

The true Human Community is one where all its members are expected, by example, to enter into the process of Profound Self- Responsibility relative to the Laws of the Life-Principle or Life-Force – the One and Same Life-Force that all creation depends on. This is our highest moral obligation.

However, the popular, or modern day community is not based on our Highest Human Moral obligation that arises within the acknowledgement and submission to the Life-Principle or Life-Force that we all depend on. The common modern community does not function as a Guardian for the Spirit of Humanity in order to engender cooperation, compassion, self-transcendence, Love and Wisdom. The ethics or morals of the popular community are not based on the Law of adherence to the Life-Principle that every human and nature depends on. On the contrary, the modern day community is merely the outcome of a growing number of people clustered in physical proximity to each other for the purpose of political economic contractual agreements and functions, based around economic growth and the fear-motivated pursuit of physical survival.

The Wise or Profound function of community has been abandoned for the sake of economic growth, political materialistic power and individual fulfillment. The inherently intelligent evolutionary Power and Law of Community founded on the Spirit of Humanity has been lost, and replaced with the law of abstract institutions, professionals, politicians and the cult of police and laws. Community as we know it, has become a humanly dislocated collection of passively desperate individuals, fearfully and childishly adhering to laws and regulations governing the consequences of self-possessed individualism – competition, greed, and estrangement from each other, fear, aggression and retribution.

The community, village, town or city that humans now inhabit has been reduced to the realm of merely economic political materialism and its governance. In the midst of this, which is essentially a dehumanising force, we merely dramatise emotionally reactive ideals about greater cooperation, Spiritual Practice, Love and Wisdom. However, regardless of the hype and propagandised efforts of the community to educate and grow our children into mature Human Responsible Beings, it is all conventionally sacrificed to the status quo of political economic materialism and the pursuit of individual fame and fortune.

Whatever our emotional cultural/community identity may be, our modern world culture society more clearly represent(s?) a random collection of egocentric individuals adhering, by threat of financial fine or imprisonment, to rules and morals regulating individual fulfillment. Our education system and economic political system do not in any way orientate the individual towards acknowledging and feeling into the Life-Principle or Spiritual Oneness of all Humanity, but rather, teach and promote individual success and survival independent of the Life-Principle or Spiritual Reality of all creation.

The fundamental motive of our education system is based on the individual fulfillment principle, not the Life-Principle that is the Spirit of Humanity. Our children are not educated and instructed and tested in their understanding and conformity to the Life-Principle, as a sign of their maturity and functional responsibility. The elders of such a

community would have to Live that Principle demonstratively in order to expect the younger generation to take up the same profound Self-Responsibility.

There is no mystery, then, why our children are not made aware of the true nature of their human evolvement and real collective conscious intimacy. The children of our community and educational institutions do not graduate with an emotional feeling knowledge of their Conscious or Spiritual intimacy with all other humans, nature and world. On the contrary, children very quickly absorb the idea and bodily feeling that they, as an individual, (not collectively) must achieve the status of a worthwhile economic producer and accumulator in order to be valued in the community. They must somehow prove their individual worth before they will be recognized with approval and unconditional Love. As if each human’s mysteriously wondrous birth is a mistake that has to be justified.

Until the community itself functionally represents to its young members a demand to honour and conform to the Spirit of Humanity and all creation intelligently and emotionally, above survivalist economic success and individual celebrity status, there can be no real debate nor remedy for the increasing madness we inherit in our so called “civilized” society.

The true human community is a servant of higher Wisdom adaptation for all its members, young and old. The Spirit of all Humanity and Its Laws are the True Authority for the necessary intimate cooperation that enables the higher evolutionary process of all humans, regardless of culture.

The teaching of the Spirit of all Humanity must become the foundation of every human’s acculturation and education. The core value and Principle of all human politics, education and spiritual endeavour must be founded in the Present Life-Force that every human, creature and all nature depend on.

Whenever humans collectively renounce their psycho/emotional connection with the Life-Principle and Its core values, they renounce their humanising responsibilities with each other, and the politics of humankind is reduced to merely economic policies, abstract authorities, the priesthood of professionals and sub-human law and order.

Once this has happened (and it has) the abstract state authority and its laws, social workers and police cannot restore the Humanising Qualities and Discipline necessary for Real Peace and Cooperation. They are not designed to do so.

These institutions are the creation of our psycho/emotional withdrawal from the One Great Spirit of all Humanity. It is only by the Humanising influence within the True Community that humans are reminded, helped, encouraged and obliged to Live the Law of Love or Human Spiritual One-ness.

The hypocrisy of our modern day religions, cultures and communities is as rife today as it was two thousand years ago. Always, throughout time, whenever human beings arrange or organize their “way of life” independent of the Life-Principle or One Spiritual Reality of all Humanity, their cultural/religious/political policies and beliefs begin to dominate human life with a dehumanising force.

In such communities, like our own here in Aotearoa, the population remains in a cultural/governmental/religious psycho/emotional su ppression. Why are we not disabused of it?

Because it is good for consumerism, and consumerism is good for the economy. It is within this “double-bind” of rampant affluent consumerism and betrayal of our True psycho/emotional connection that each individual lives in passive self-obsession and fear.

Such a chronic self-centred obsession inhibits any curiosity towards ultimate Self-Responsibility, ordinarily and Transcendentally.

This being so, there can be no intelligent wondering about our increasingly desperate attraction to cultic and parental leaders who promise to clean up the unwashed, punish the wrongdoer, define our sexual relationships, imprison the already damaged, and take their culturally recognised followers to the promised land.

The hypocrisy of community is simply an extension of the hypocrisy of the culture that makes claim to Spiritual ideals as its foundation and practice. In the absence of the people making the community or culture accountable to the One Spiritual Reality of all Humans and Nature, that community or culture will always seek to survive in and of itself. In other words, it will simply seek to maintain its own physically based separative identity, rather than serving its cultural colours and treasures in honour and celebration of the All Abiding Spiritual Reality.

The person who adheres to the Maori culture or the western European culture (or any culture) as a means of identification and way of Life- Practice has limited his/her self to the bodily based perception rather than the Spirit of all Humanity perception. They have submitted their total psycho/emotional Being to the inherent limitations characteristic of cultural exclusiveness. When this culturally fabricated perception becomes the “acceptance” and “inclusion” in any human community (of whatever race, creed or colour), that community or culture has become the subjugator and suppressor of the Freely Creative Spirit of Humanity.

In other words, when any individual or community or culture becomes more interested in its own self-defining identity and survival rather than expressing the One and All Spirit of All Humanity, it has become sub-human, archaic and against the Freely Creative Principle of Life Itself.

The history of this country does not represent a sacred culture. There has never been a sacred culture in this country apart from the culture of animals and nature. The two predominant cultures to inhabit this land have both been dispossessed of the One Transcendental Spiritual Reality.

The Maori culture was not, and is not a sacred culture. It was, and still is, founded on tribal identity and its survival. The Maori culture did not, and does not, acknowledge and honour psycho/emotional adherence to the One Spiritual Life-Force Identity of all humans as the means of unconditionally intimate cooperative community.

The western European culture was not, and is not a sacred culture. It was, and still is, founded on the conditional individual identity and its survival. The western European culture has never been remotely interested in basing its communities and politics in the psycho/ emotional submission to the One Unconditional Transcendental Life- Principle.

Until we become active in cooperation with each other in the One Spirit of all Humanity, Nature and world, we will essentially not become Truly Human, Healthy, Wise and unexploitable.

This is the most radical and true politics for Human-Kind. The Sacred Community of Nature and all Its Wise Ones Demand this of humans now!