The Myth of Precepts, Concepts, Ideas and Beliefs

Realisation of the Divine Condition IS the Realisation and Practice of Identifying with and as the Truth Condition. God Realisation or Liberation in the Truth Condition is not dependent on any condition or experience, nor is it the result of any kind of deliberate meditation or self effort to be Liberated. Therefore, from the very beginning, and onwards through all the stages of transformation, it is not a Practice of association or identification with any worldly conditions, ideas and beliefs.  It is not a matter of anything at all being added to the individual but, rather, a critical Insight into what the individual is identifying with that prevents his/her Liberation in the Divine Condition.

Down through all time, whenever a Truly Divine Realised Spiritual Master consented to Reveal the Practice of the Realisation to others, His or Her discourses, writings and actions inevitably contained a Great Criticism of everything and anything worldly, or experiential, that the individual was using as a means of identity. In whatever social/cultural/religious setting the Spiritually Realised Adept appeared, their Message and Instructions were for the purpose of pointing their Disciples and Devotees towards a Great Critical Enquiry into all forms of self-identification with the social/cultural/religious conventions of the time.

Unconditional Truth-Realisation IS the Spiritual Master, the Guru in God. And, it is in and by the Samadhi of Divine Realisation that the Guru in God Instructs and Reveals the Practice of the Realisation to all.  That is the Siddhi of the Guru in God – to Place you directly in God-Identity in the Present moment. Therefore, if the Adept Spiritual Master consents to engage with the individual’s karmic life (seeking life), and give Instruction to the individual, it will inevitably come with a Great criticism of all subjective or limited identification.

Down through time (and often during a Spiritual Master’s incarnation) those who were either unwilling or unable to Understand and Practice the Truth Condition were given precepts or codes of conduct to practice. However, over time and after the MahaSamadhi of the Spiritual Master, these precepts and concepts came to be regarded as the practice itself and associated with the way to Enlightenment – the Realisation of the Truth Condition.  However, ecstatic Spiritual Masters appear again and again to Reveal the error, the “missing the mark”, whenever precepts, concepts, beliefs and ideas become mistaken for the Practice, rather than the Practice of the Truth Condition It Self.

I appear and Instruct in the midst of the conventions of Western Christian social/religious/cultural concepts, precepts, beliefs and ideas that are enforced by the laws of the political government and the church. Conventional Christian religious practice is no different to any other conventional religious practice insofar as it is based on concepts and precepts, or codes of behavior.

Christian religious practice (in all its various modifications) is not a Practice designed for True Human Spiritual evolvement but, rather, a practice designed to indulge the individual’s desire for egoic or body/mind identity and its survival beyond death.

In the case of Christianity, the precepts and concepts are designed to enforce a child-like belief in Jesus (and political leaders) for the sake of growing the cultic religious/cultural power base rather than the Spiritual Awakening of the individual. In fact, the Christian religious social culture has no interest in evolving the individual towards Great Self Responsibility but, rather, it exploits and indulges the immature individual’s primitive egoic emotional-self and its want to be noticed, special, loved, and saved.

The Christian follower’s belief in Jesus is a childish substitute for the Great Self-Responsibility required in order to submit the body/mind to the rigors of Unconditional Truth Identity that Jesus Represented and taught.   Rather than submitting the body/mind to the same Spiritual Identity and Responsibility that the Spiritual Adept Jesus Realised and Represented, the Christian religion is based on a child-like idolisation of Jesus in the hope of bodily-based vicarious salvation.

Cultic idolisation of a teacher always prevents and justifies one’s own renunciation of Self-Responsibility. Just so, the almost infantile idolisation of Jesus both justifies the Christian’s excuse for not Practicing the Spiritual Adept’s Sacrificial (of the body/mind identity) Spiritual Identity and, also, serves to maintain an aggressively defended childish belief that Jesus was, and still remains, the only ever God Realised Human Being in the entire history of humankind. This unenlightened belief is both fiercely adhered to and defended by the childish egoic personality’s desire to acquire the satisfaction of being exclusively loved by a parental deity that has already taken Ultimate Responsibility for the individual’s own “missing the mark” or egoic suffering.

The anti-spiritual point of view is the assumption of separateness from God. And it is this anti-spiritual, anti-Life point of view that is the fundamental tenet of the Christian religion. This separate-self point of view is an assumption founded in our undeveloped or early human physical existence.  The physical world, from the point of view of the early developmental separate physical-self, suggests there must be another separate entity that created all this and, as such, exists like some parent figure that must be appealed to for favour and love. The highest (or God-like) authority, therefore, will be somewhere above and the lowest (or sinner) will be somewhere below.

Fundamental to Christian belief is that Jesus came down from “above” through supernatural and magical means in order to become a “man,” simply to perform a blood sacrifice for all and then returned “above” with his body still intact. Within all the variations of Christian practice there still remains this fundamental tenet or belief that Jesus came to perform a heroic bodily-based blood sacrifice (not a Spiritually Based Sacrifice) in order to purify us of our own “missing the mark”.  And then, being entirely physically based, and in order to get Jesus back to “heaven”, he ascended into the clouds, above which he is apparently in union with the exclusive Jesus/God.

After two thousand years, Christian religious concepts, precepts and beliefs are still founded in these archaic cosmological archetypes.

There is no demand, or even expectation, that the Christian believer transcend the perspective of the body/mind self in order to enter into True Spiritual Identity Responsibility. There is no demand whatsoever that the individual grow beyond all childish egoic dependence on ideas, myths, beliefs, dogma and magical fascination – in fact, the demand is for allegiance to such childish egoic fascinations and desires.

Religious concepts form the foundation of whatever social conceptions we adhere to and perpetuate. Conventional exoteric religion has always been the moralistic soap-box upon which our social behavior relies. As a human birthed and acculturated in the Western way of life, one becomes associated with and influenced by predominantly Christian religious concepts and precepts.   Whether or not you were indoctrinated as a Christian from childhood, your acculturation will be within the social experience governed by codes of conduct associated with Christian religious propaganda. The Christian religion is, in the most fundamental way, the same as all religions in that it is a set of concepts or precepts that one adopts as a means of “good” behavior, in the belief one will be rewarded with a place in heaven (egoic identity intact) after death.

The intention of all religious concepts has been to convince you that certain kinds of behavior and judgments are appropriate, and other kinds of behavior and judgments are not. All that is required of the individual to “become” a Christian is to take up the concepts and precepts laid down by that particular religion. One is only required to come into relatedness with the precepts, the codes of religious belief and behavior, and practice them to acquire the immature feeling consolation that one is involved in spiritual practice.

Precepts, concepts, ideas and beliefs are a consoling surrogate for the Real Heart that is always denied by the dogmatic illusions of the cultic separate-self.


Comitted to the reinstatement of wisdom education as the true and necessary education for the evolution and growth of humanity.