Editorial August 2011

Through a historical agenda of political and religious manipulation, we have been given values and beliefs that chronically weaken our vital life force. This has been for the sake of keeping us civilised, polite, and extremely well- behaved. Sitara Morgenster points out in her article that our sexuality has been suppressed and controlled by denying feelings that political and religious propaganda have said are abnormal and wrong. Evidence of this practice is everywhere, cast into the minds and bodies of people who adhere to the call of the egoic self. We do not have to go too far to observe this. It is available for every curious mind to see if only we choose to look in the mirror. On a dangerous parallel we have also been fed propaganda that our democratic system is here to serve the growth and prosperity of Human Society. This may be so, but what kind of Human society. “One that is founded on freedom”, they might say. Therefore i would also ask “what kind of freedom”? For it appears, at a studied glance, to be the freedom to live only the outcomes formulated by this system. Outcomes like, the ability to be staunchly disinterested in your fellow human; to avoid feelings of anger and agitation by medicating ourselves,; to disengage from nature for the sake of latest trends in living;, to stand individually. This type of freedom allows us to buy luxuries and products that serve temporary stimulation and happily leaves us wanting for more. In this case yes, we are free; within the realms of what this system wants.

Individually we are ripe for democracy. We take up arms in work places and work work work for our right for freedom. As Penny Hutton intimates in her article, our children are placed in institutions, militarily precise in their efficiency, eager to pump out democratic human soldiers for the consuming machine. Therefore, it is not the freedom that I or a Human of Wisdom speaks of; the freedom that allows us to look strangers in the eye with ease, curiosity, peace and contentment and that allows us to satisfyingly admit that we don’t need another product or myth to stimulate our self- worth. Fayebe Amazing articulates the finer points of this in her article on Happiness.

So it stands that the freedom offered by the existing system is merely for the survival of the processes that allow for the partnership of multi-corp businesses and government affiliations to prosper, as opposed to enabling the strength of the Spirit of Humanity and our connection to Life.

The existing system is an archaic form of governance that creates slavery. It has been very successful. The illusion is complete. There is no need to chain us or hold a gun to our heads. It merely dangles brilliant bits of technological light and finely woven words in front of our faces, with the message that this is what we are worth and explaing what we need to keep doing to secure that worth. Hence to make money is to make the machine go around and the dazzling machines glow worm threads, alluring us into the arms of the new Goddess “Consumer”. Like mythical goddesses of old, if fed, we believe she helps us stay comfortable, safe and secure. We believe she helps our children stay comfortable safe and secure. She feeds us what we think we want. But what is the cost of our demi- worship? In her article, Linda, through her research on slavery makes it clear, that it is the seductive, complacent slavery of the mind that is the most lethal. This slavery has us compliantly participating within its web, manipulating our feelings of self- worth relative to products and ownership. This way the democratic system appears kind, considerate, helpful and honouring of us.
Only when the slave stands up for herself do we see some glimpse of the control that is quietly being exerted on us, the force to comply. Seductively, through well- tuned media presentation, manipulative advertising and most of all by the eerily quiet, unspoken, disinterested psyche of a divided generation now fallen asleep with the Goddess Consumers treasures held close to its chest, are we brought back to adherence again. Samarpan clearly expresses this through her example in the Kapiti Road building “initiative”.
Sri YanchiGuruji upholds the Divine Words of a Wisdom that has been lost or dismissed, by pointing out that we no longer have Sacred Community. Broken minorities of individual minds are out to self- promote but because they have disengaged so much from each other, they have become weak in their energy and ability to fight for

anything but their individual or separate collective needs. A perfect package for the existing system to manipulate. Like the pixels on a broken screen, we are unable to see the whole picture. We are unable to stand together United as One.

It is a fact that we must re-orientate ourselves again, not as a solution to a problem, but because Life is who we are, and for the Life of us we have forgotten how to honour ourselves. The world and Humanity are suffering and suffocating because of this. Wake up before it is too late. The One Spirit of Humanity is calling.

The Editor.

Comitted to the reinstatement of wisdom education as the true and necessary education for the evolution and growth of humanity.